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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report
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The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, produced by the KDLG news crew, is dedicated to the one-of-a-kind commercial fishery in Bristol Bay. The show airs nightly at 6 p.m., with replays at 10 p.m. Join us for the latest news, numbers and information from the fishery, plus nightly analysis, stories and conversations.

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  • The baywide catch on Tuesday was 1.2 million. After a fire on the Hannah, Northline has finally completed repairs and is back up to full capacity. A new mapping app is helping fishermen steer clear hazards. Plus, fish season means bear season, and climate specialist Rick Thoman says to expect good weather ahead.
  • Districts continue to bring in plenty of fish this week, with yesterday’s catch numbers higher than Sunday’s. The Nushagak hauls in most of the catch, and Ugashik/Egegik districts catch substantially more than they did on Sunday. With some districts passing preseason expectations–and others not quite reaching them–it’s fascinating to see how this season is shaping up to conclude.
  • Sunday’s baywide catch dropped under a million for the first time in almost a week. Department of Natural Resources Commissioner John Boyle pays his first visit to Wood Tikchik State Park, Biologist Travis Elison discusses the Naknek/Kvichak closure, and a Naknek resident uses that closure to launch a business.
  • The baywide catch on Thursday was less than half of Wednesday’s, signifying that we may be reaching the tail of the season. After the peak in the Naknek/Kvichak district, things slowed down as crews hauled in three times less than they did on Wednesday. The final batch of Port Moller catch indices are in, as test fishery crews there wrap up for the season.
  • Numbers are starting to peak again as fishermen meet another big push across all districts. Crews in the Naknek/Kvichak reported well over 1 million fish being caught, and the Nushagak brought in over 800,000. The Kvichak River also takes the largest cumulative escapement yet this season, passing the Wood River at 4 million. Port Moller numbers are dropping, and they are determining whether they will produce any more stock compositions.
  • Fishermen throughout the bay continue to bring in steady numbers of fish, as crews across districts hauled in over a million fish yesterday. Kvichak river escapement counts continued to grow rapidly, reaching close to a million on Tuesday, while permits in the Naknek/Kvichak district are still going up.
  • Monday’s baywide catch was over 900,000, with the numbers evening out across the districts. Excitement continues to build in the Kvichak river, with dozens of additional boats heading that way. The Kvichak river’s total escapement counts are climbing rapidly, catching up with the Wood river. Port Moller crews also estimate 42% of the next run of fish should be headed in that direction. Due to the recent drop in catch indices, they say there’s also indication of a bimodal run this season, meaning we might see another push of fish this summer.
  • Fleets on Sunday brought in 1.5 million fish, with numbers continuing to come in across the districts. Area M numbers increased across all species. The latest stock composition from Port Moller is in, showing that almost a third of the fish are on their way to the Kvichak river, while escapement numbers there have been climbing over the weekend.
  • Across the bay, fishing crews hauled in almost 2.6 million fish, the highest catch this season by far. 1.5 million sockeye came from the Nushagak District on Thursday, and other districts' counts remained similar to what they were on Wednesday. Numbers at Port Moller also jumped yesterday, and test fishery crews had their biggest average catch index of the season. They say that the run timing this year is likely later than initially predicted.
  • The baywide catch yesterday topped a million for the first time this season, with a haul of 1.6 million fish. Nushagak fleets brought in about a third of those fish, followed by fleets in the Naknek/Kvichak and Egegik. Test fishery crews say they expect a push of Nushagak fish today and tomorrow with Kvichak fish to follow. Almost two thirds of the fish caught at Port Moller this season have been caught in the smaller mesh size, indicating smaller fish. That trend of smaller fish is expected to continue this season.