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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report
Nightly at 6 p.m. and replays at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m.

The Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, produced by the KDLG news crew, is dedicated to the one-of-a-kind commercial fishery in Bristol Bay. The show airs nightly at 6 p.m., with replays at 10 p.m. and 2 a.m. Join hosts Corinne Smith, Jessie Sheldon and Jack Darrell for the latest news, numbers and information from the fishery, plus nightly analysis, stories and conversations.

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  • It’s our final show of the season, but the run isn’t done yet. Bay-wide, fleets hauled in another 726,000 fish on Thursday, for a season total of 36.9 million. Escapement is at 13.3 million total, and the run nears the forecast at just under 50.3 million.
  • The Bristol Bay run is slowing down, but still had a strong harvest yesterday of 722,000 fish. Total harvest is now at 35.3 million, and total escapement is at 12.8 million. The total bay-wide run is estimated at 48.2 million fish.
  • Harvests slowed down a bit after a surprise encore of record harvest days over the weekend. But catches were still going strong Sunday with a baywide catch of 1.43 million. Naknek-Kvichak and Egegik fleets brought in the biggest harvests again yesterday. Escapement was at 550,000 fish. The bay wide run is now 45.9 million, fast approaching the season forecast of 51 million fish.
  • Another big harvest day Saturday in a weekend of banner late-season catch numbers for Naknek-Kvichak fleets. Total haul across the bay yesterday was 2 million fish. The total season catch is now at 33 million of a 44 million fish run. Though it remains to be seen how many fish are behind this shocking pulse, the season’s forecast is an estimated 51 million fish run. Escapement yesterday was 540,000.
  • The total bay-wide harvest kept climbing after the surprising haul Thursday. Friday’s harvest was a staggering nearly 3 million fish, making it unequivocally the biggest haul of the season. Most of those fish came from Naknek-Kvichak, cementing some of the largest late-season catch numbers in recent memory. Escapement yesterday, though, was 706,000.
  • Just when we thought the run was slowing down, Thursday was the second biggest harvest day of the season to date with 2.5 million fish hauled in bay-wide. Naknek-Kvichak fleets caught 1.2 million of that. Escapement was also a strong 1.2 million. The total run is now 37 million fish.
  • The bay-wide catch slowed down some on Wednesday, but still almost half a million fish were caught yesterday. Almost half of that was in Egegik with 216,000 fish followed by the Naknek-Kvichak. The total run is now at 34.5 million.
  • The bay-wide harvest dropped somewhat Tuesday with 723,000 fish hauled in. Catches were about neck-in-neck in Egegik, Naknek, and the Nushagak with around a quarter million fish each. The bay-wide escapement is at 8 million fish. The total run is at 32.7 million.
  • Bristol Bay fleets had another strong harvest day Monday with 1.8 million fish caught bay-wide. The biggest catch was in the Nushagak, followed closely by the Naknek-Kvichak. Escapement is at 7.5 million fish, and the total bay-wide run is at 31.1 million.
  • Bristol Bay fleets saw a big push of fish Sunday harvesting 1.3 million fish, after somewhat of a drop the day before. Naknek-Kvichak fleets had the biggest haul with 570,000 fish, followed by the Nushagak. The bay-wide total catch is now 21.5 million, and the total run is at 29 million.