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Amber Webb qaspeq
Emma Shaffer
Courtesy of Amber Web
In 2018, a Bristol Bay artist began to raise awareness of the crisis of missing and murdered Indigenous people. She sewed an enormous qaspeq and drew the faces of Alaska Native women who have gone missing or were murdered. That project has grown into an international call for action.
Robert Mawson. October 2021.
Izzy Ross
The City of Dillingham's budget is on track to finish the fiscal year in the black, according to Manager Robert Mawson. With two excise taxes on the docket and more financial planning ahead, KDLG talked to Mawson about where he sees things heading from here.

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Bristol Bay Field Notes is your source for an eclectic blend of topics relating to the great outdoors of southwest Alaska. Its goal is to educate, inform, and entertain.
Brian Venua
Bristol Bay Obituaries is a place for people to remember family members and loved ones who have died. This is a community page; KDLG staff don’t edit submissions. Email submissions and photos to obituary@kdlg.org