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About Us

Our Mission
The mission of KDLG is to broadcast programming of high quality, which serves demonstrated community needs of an educational, informational, cultural, and entertainment nature, within its primary signal area.  Such programming is intended for a general audience.


KDLG History

Public radio station KDLG started as a broadcasting class taught by the Dillingham City School District.  In 1973 the FCC assigned the station the call sign KDLG and was allowed to operate at 1,000 watts of power.  The stations antenna consisted of two wires strung between two telephone poles.  In 1975 KDLG signed on the air at 670 kHz with an operating power of 5,000 watts, it eventually was upgraded to 10 kilowatts in 1987. 

Operation includes a twenty-four hours a day broadcast schedule repeated on KNSA Unalakleet and K201DA King Cove.  KDLG is still owned by the Dillingham City School District and continues to teach broadcasting classes for high school students.

KDLG’s coverage area is approximately the size of the state of Ohio!