Crime and Safety

Suspects Confess to Burglarizing N&N Market

Aug 1, 2014

A recent video of burglary footage from a popular store in Dillingham posted across social media led members of the public to provide a number of tips to local officials, and now two suspects have come forward. KDLG’s Luke Brummer has the details.

DOC Discloses Policy on Prisoner Deaths

Aug 1, 2014
Alaska Department of Corrections

In response to a series of controversial deaths in the state prison system, the Alaska Department of Corrections has disclosed how it handles such incidents.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

5 Driftnet Vessels Seized in Togiak

Jul 23, 2014

A handful of commercial fishermen from Togiak have been accused of fishing illegally outside of the Togiak Commercial Fishing District. Last week the Alaska State Troopers served 4 search warrants in Togiak that resulted in the seizure of 4 driftnet vessels that the Troopers allege fished illegally from 1 to 2 miles outside of the Togiak District.

New Law Paves Way for VPSOs to Carry Guns

Jul 23, 2014
Alaska State Troopers

When someone thinks of law enforcement, the first thing that comes to mind is the Alaska state troopers, followed by municipal police.  However, a not-so well-known group is Village Public Safety Officers, a group of first responders that serve in Alaska’s remote villages.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more on a new law that paves the way for arming these individuals.

N&N Market in Dillingham Burglarized

Jul 23, 2014
Dillingham Police Department

Law enforcement officials in Dillingham are asking for the public’s help in identifying 2 suspects that burglarized a popular local business very early Monday morning. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

Alaska State Troopers

Alaska State Troopers are gearing up to host a 650 mile outdoor relay.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Senator French Holds Hearing on Prison Deaths

Jul 16, 2014

With the recent spate of deaths in Alaska prisons, particularly the suicide of Israel Keyes, there is increasing attention being focused on Alaska’s Department of Corrections.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more on the legislature’s most recent look into the matter.

Coast Guard Rescues Sailboat Northeast of Barrow

Jul 15, 2014
United States Coast Guard

The US Coast Guard has completed a rescue operation northeast of Barrow.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Courtesy Aleutians East Borough "In the Loop"


Dillingham Fireworks Usage Rules and Restrictions

Jul 2, 2014
Flickr User: Allan Chatto

July 4th is coming up and people often celebrate with fireworks. The Dillingham Police Chief recently sat down with KDLG’s Luke Brummer to clarify when and where fireworks can be used in Dillingham.

The body of 17-year old Casey Burt has been recovered from the Uagshik River. He went missing after the skiff he was in overturned near Pilot Point on Sunday. Burt’s body was recovered Tuesday night around 6:20 during a low tide by State Troopers with assistance from the Village Public Safety Officer in Pilot Point.

An Alaska man is deceased, and a Washington teenager is missing after their boat overturned in Bristol Bay during rough weather on Sunday. KDLG’s Luke Brummer has the details.

Study says Alaska 3rd Highest State in Gun Deaths

Jun 19, 2014

Gun ownership is common in the United States, thanks to the second amendment, but regulations on their purchase and use differ state by state.  A recently released study shows how gun deaths may be affected by these regulations.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Fisherman Rescued from Mud

Jun 16, 2014

A local subsistence fisherman had a close call on a Dillingham beach Saturday.  Reporter Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Dillingham Security Cameras Upgraded and Back Online

Jun 16, 2014

The City of Dillingham has brought back online the over 70 surveillance cameras that are spread out across town. KDLG’s Luke Brummer has the details.