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The annual bazaar is a chance for local artists and craftsmen to display and sell their wares. 

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As the days grow darker and our thoughts turn to community and warmth, we take a look at Dillingham's Qaspeq Fashion Show last month, where people showed off their best and brightest. 

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A year after PFAS was first detected in Dillingham wells, the state and a consulting firm are taking steps to address the situation. 

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Over 500 vendors exhibited at the 2019 Pacific Marine Expo in Seattle in late November. For commercial fishermen, processors and small businesses, it’s the place to be. 

A warrant for Sharp was issued by an Anchorage court November 19 and he was brought into custody November 28. The alleged incident took place in July. 

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Former KDLG reporter Sage Smiley is speaking out about indecent and illegal behavior by a host she was staying with over the summer to cover the Bristol Bay fishery. 

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The community was put on boil water notice in July. By August, the wells were dry.

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The Pebble Salmon Impact Tool is a 607-page document that compiles state and federal agency comments on the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers’ draft environmental impact statement for Pebble.

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If ADF&G's 2020 sockeye forecast for Bristol Bay comes in as predicted, it would make next year another in a series of big returns. But some biologists caution that continued abundance could lead to a downturn.


Candidate Gene Sanderson requested the recount after the borough's canvas of the absentee and question ballots put him only two votes behind incumbent Pete Caruso. 

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A star and planet in the constellation Cassiopeia are about to be named. A Dillingham woman is a semi-finalist to name the celestial bodies after the rivers where she grew up in Bristol Bay.


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Community members honored local residents who have served in the U.S. military during an annual Veterans Day celebration at the Dillingham High School.


The Federal Subsistence Board voted Tuesday to pass a temporary special action reducing the bag limit for a herd that is vital to subsistence hunting in Southwest Alaska. 

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Erosion is eating away the coastline by Dillingham’s sewage lagoon. The city council held a meeting with contract engineers to discuss options for the lagoon before it’s too late. 

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Port Heiden has anticapted the lake's breach for the last decade. Erosion is an ongoing concern for the village. In recent years, extreme storms and rising tides have accelerated the process.