Holy halibut. Petersburg fishermen bring in a big one Sunday

Aug 9, 2016
Abbey Collins / KFSK

400 pound halibut not a record, but still pretty darn huge.

Researchers capture bear-salmon interactions on camera

Aug 2, 2016
Molly Dischner/KDLG News

What are bears up to when we aren't watching? Researchers have found a way to answer that question with motion-activated cameras and barbed-wire snags set up on six Lake Aleknagik streams.

UFA launches survey on communication, salmon habitat

Jul 27, 2016

What salmon habitat issues worry fishermen? What's the best way to talk about them? That's what the state's largest fishing organization is trying to find out.

Courtesy Alaska Department of Fish and Game

To the west of Bristol Bay, Area M fishermen are still hauling in fish offshore from the Alaska Peninsula.


When the commercial fleet caught the 10,033,455 salmon this season on July 6, it marked the two billionth fish harvested since 1884. Who gets credit? Everybody, of course. 

Historians investigate old South Naknek cannery

Jul 20, 2016
Courtesy of Katie Ringsmuth

Should a second piece of Bristol Bay's commercial fishing history be added to the National Register of Historic Places? That's the question some historians have set out to answer.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 17, 2016

Jul 17, 2016
Molly Dischner/KDLG News

Ugashik put away another 400,000 sockeye Saturday, while Naknek-Kvichak and Nushagak catches tapered off a little. Now the number everyone is wondering about? What're they going to be worth. 

Young fishermen working on almanac

Jul 17, 2016

Got a favorite boat recipe? Great diagram of a knot? The Alaska Young Fishermen’s Network is looking for submissions to include in a new young fishermen’s almanac.


Bristol Bay has come a long way from sailboats and canned fish, but one processing technology analyst tells that there are more upgrades to come.

Icicle continues to invest at Wood River

Jul 14, 2016

A larger pump barge, new RSW holding tanks, more processing lines, and other improvements have doubled Icicle's salmon processing capacity at the Wood River plant in Dillingham.

Long time Bristol Bay drift fisherman Robin Samuelsen was in court Monday for arraignment on a charge of fishing with an improperly marked buoy.

While he acknowledged the violation and agreed to plead guilty, he told the court the timing of the mandatory court date substantially increased the fine.

His was one of about a dozen fishing violation arraignments Monday in Dillingham. More were arraigned Tuesday in Dillingham, and three dozen were scheduled in Naknek Wednesday.

Icicle's Lew on the run to come

Jul 13, 2016

Warner Lew joined preseason to discuss predictions on the 2016 timing, and sat down again July 12 to offer an update.

Hannah Colton / KDLG

There’s no doubt commercial fishing is hard work. But what was it like a century ago?

Hannah Colton / KDLG

With prodding from Alaska's congressional delegation, USCG leadership will "revisit" licensing rules that Western Alaska lodge owners say are unreasonable. 

Researchers watching sockeye sizes

Jul 6, 2016

Will 2016 be another year of small fish, or was 2015 just an anomaly? Early fish may be looking a little small, but it's too early to say for certain. (Are you getting tired of the too-early refrain yet?)