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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report

  • Courtesy of Tav Ammu
    Another big harvest day Saturday in a weekend of banner late-season catch numbers for Naknek-Kvichak fleets. Total haul across the bay yesterday was 2 million fish. The total season catch is now at 33 million of a 44 million fish run. Though it remains to be seen how many fish are behind this shocking pulse, the season’s forecast is an estimated 51 million fish run. Escapement yesterday was 540,000.
  • Egegik crews in a heavy set
    Courtesy of Nick Rahaim
    The total bay-wide harvest kept climbing after the surprising haul Thursday. Friday’s harvest was a staggering nearly 3 million fish, making it unequivocally the biggest haul of the season. Most of those fish came from Naknek-Kvichak, cementing some of the largest late-season catch numbers in recent memory. Escapement yesterday, though, was 706,000.