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In a new KDLG segment, Dillingham city manager Tod Larson explains how the city is working toward a  long-term solution for the potholes that plague downtown roads.

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The first five miles of Lake Road will be repaved by the end of July if all goes according to the Department of Transportation's plan.

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Dillingham’s downtown streets won’t see repairs for another year. The Dillingham Downtown Streets Rehabilitation project has been postponed until summer 2019, because acquiring right-of-way for the project is taking longer than expected. It was originally supposed to take place summer 2017.

Allison Mollenkamp

The Alaska Department of Transportation is still working to acquire right-of-way for the downtown streets project. The city applied for a grant to fix other downtown streets but the request was denied.

Bristol Engineering Services Corporation

Homeowners worry the proposed Teal Lane Extension could affect property values, disrupt Squaw Creek, and increase traffic in Nerka Subdivision

Bristol Engineering Services Corporation

The project seeks to widen and pave roads within Nerka Subdivision as well as build a new road from Teal Lane to Emperor. 

The Dillingham City Council is expected to vote next week on an ordinance that spells out the rules for driving ATVs and motorbikes within city limits. The previous ordinance was 1 page long, the new one is 6 pages. Under the old ordinance, the use of ATVs is illegal on state maintained roads, including those in city limits.  The new ordinance allows for limited use on roads in town.   City Manager Rose Loera  says the new ordinance is intended clarify the rules.