Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: June 29, 2018

Jun 29, 2018

Catches slipped lower in the Nushagak Thursday after Tuesday's giant haul. Naknek-Kvichak is heating up, but participation remains low. Plus, we meet a deckhand who fills most of the links along the salmon supply chain from ocean to table since he moonlights as a direct marketer and private chef.

Hopefully this double rainbow leading to Dillingham Thursday night bodes well for the Nushagak district harvest.
Credit Austin Fast / KDLG

On this episode, area management biologist Travis Elison tells KDLG's Avery Lill that Naknek-Kvichak seems to be picking up, but fishing effort is low. He hopes that won't mean overescapement upriver. 

Elison's counterpart for the west side, Tim Sands, says escapement looks good so far on his side of things, but he'd still like it to nudge higher. He also delivered some good news for set netters looking forward to fishing the Wood River special harvest district. Hint: Pay attention for an announcement at 9 a.m. Saturday.

Wild salmon typically pass through many hands on their way from ocean waves to dinner plates. Not so for Christopher Wang of San Francisco. He's a Bristol Bay fisherman, direct-to-market salmon vendor and private chef all rolled into one. As a bonus, he'll teach us the best ways to cook salmon.

Plus, your messages to the fleet continue to grow more enigmatic on this show as a riddle joins the Feldman saga. Listen below.

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Who's hungry for some delicious Nushagak king salmon? Chef Christopher Wang grilled these up with simple salt and pepper seasoning the night before the F/V Marion Ruth put into the harbor in mid-June.
Credit Austin Fast / KDLG
A fishing boat sits next to Lake Aleknagik Friday afternoon.
Credit Zoe Sobel / KUCB