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It's official: Dillingham announces winners of the 2020 municipal election

KDLG/Izzy Ross

Over 300 votes were cast in this year's municipal election with over 50 absentee ballots. Aksel Buholm and Curt Armstrong will return to city council. Karl Clark and Jenny Bennis join the school board. 

The city of Dillingham has announced the official results from the municipal election. Aksel Buholm will return to seat C for city council with 181 votes. Kaleb Westfall finished with 166 votes. Coming in to Thursday, Westfall trailed Buholm by 15 votes, the same spread as the final count.

Buholm was elected to the council in 2017. He resigned in December due to work-related travel, and Westfall was then appointed to the seat. However, COVID-19 restrictions mean that council members now meet telephonically, which makes remote participation accessible, and Buholm decided to run for his former seat this fall.

Incumbent Curt Armstrong who ran unopposed for council seat D received 53 more votes and will serve another three year term.

Karl Clark joins the Dillingham School Board, defeating Westfall for board seat B with 267 votes. Westfall received 90 votes. Jenny Bennis ran unopposed for seat C, and finished with 321 votes.

A total of 302 ballots were cast on Election Day, with  55 absentee ballots, four questioned ballots,  and two special needs ballots.

All seats are three year terms. The Dillingham City Council will certify the election results at a meeting next Thursday, October 15 at 7:00 p.m.

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