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Teams from around Bristol Bay and as far away as the Fairbanks area tipped off at the RAVN basketball invite last weekend. 

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The veto will cost municipalities in Bristol Bay hundreds of thousands of dollars. Ahead of the vote on January 24, House Speaker Bryce Edgmon expressed hope that it would pass at a Dillingham city council and school board meeting.

Straley was arrested in 2018 at the Anchorage International Airport for attempting to bring $55,000 of methamphetamine to Dillingham.


The action closes hunting of Mulchatna caribou for the rest of the season. It is the latest in a series of conservation measures taken, after surveys last summer showed a sharp decline in the Mulchatna herd's population. 

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The Bristol Bay Native Association's re-entry program aims to help people formerly in prison reintegrate themselves into the community. The program is looking to expand its services in 2020.

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The Rasmuson Foundation is holding an interactive workshop in Dillingham, focused on helping artists learn about the foundation’s Individual Artist Awards program.

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In a major shift, the board voted to halve Kodiak's allocation of Chignik sockeye in Cape Igvak, shortened fishing time, and doubled the minimum harvest required to open fishing in the Igvak section.

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SAFE's Gregg Marxmiller discusses advocacy, what it means to be an advocate in the community and how to support people struggling with domestic violence

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2019 was the hottest year on record for Bristol Bay. In rivers such as the Igushik, that heat resulted in tens of thousands of dead fish. 

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Starting January 13, residents of New Stuyahok, Manokotak, Ekwok and Koliganek will have at least three days to apply for their driver's license and Real IDs in person. 


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The moose hunt around Togiak opened today. Here's what hunters need to know. 

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It's been a cold start of the year in Bristol Bay — the wind pushed temperatures to -40 in some areas. But that subzero weather is on its way out. 

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S'prasdnikom! Along with Eastern Orthodox churches around the state, congregations around Bristol Bay celebrated Christmas on January 7, and with it the first day of slavii. 

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After months of discussion surrounding public safety in Aleknagik following a break in, the city council held a meeting at the end of the year about residents' concerns.


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The city council will select a candidate to fill the vacant seat until the municipal elections in October 2020.