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City of Dillingham presents: Interactive Web Map

City of Dillingham

The public can now access information about plats, parcel ownership, and city infrastructure with the click of a button. 

For nearly a decade, the City of Dillingham has been developing a new tool for planners and homeowners. It’s an interactive web map where anyone can click through a wealth of information about land and infrastructure.

Audio transcript: 

Jody Seitz is planning director for the City of Dillingham. To access the web-map, she says, go to the City website:

"Just go over to the right hand side and you’ll find a little underlined link that says interactive web map."

Click on that link, and you’ll find an aerial map of Dillingham overlaid with property lines and labels. Seitz says the lines are not precise enough to find corners of your parcel – you’d still want to hire a surveyor for something like that. But she says the map contains a lot of useful data.

"It gives a lot of information, it gives you parcel ownership, it gives addresses. And so the closer you zoom in, the more information you get.You can click on the parcel and it’ll bring up a little box of information about the parcel.

That box also has a link to the plat for many parcels.

Another feature of the map is a series of “layers” that pinpoint things like hydrants and wells in town.

"So if you want to see all the cleanouts, all the manholes, or where the sewer mains are, you can click those, and you can see the city’s infrastructure really fast."

Seitz hopes this map will make it easier for homeowners and land managers to find information about any given parcel in Dillingham. 

Credit City of Dillingham
By clicking on the "layers" feature, users can see the locations of things like hydrants and water mains (shown).