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Increased Activity Detected at the Shishaldin Volcano

Levi Musselwhite

The Alaska Volcano Observatory has noticed an uptick in activity at the Shishaldin Volcano on Unimak Island. AVO has increased the volcano alert level to “WATCH” based on analysis of satellite data that showed elevated surface temperatures at the volcano, which is one of the most active volcanoes in Alaska. The elevated temperatures are consistent with the eruption of lava within the summit crater of the Shishaldin Volcano. AVO says the current activity appears to be confined to the deep summit crater and so far there are no observations of lava on the flanks of the volcano or surrounding the summit crater. There is no evidence of ash emissions from the volcano and so far only minor steam emissions have been observed. AVO confirms that some of the available data is indicative of small explosions in the crater. Those small explosions continue to be detected. The Shishaldin Volcano is near the center of Unimak Island and since 1775 there have been 24 confirmed eruptions of the volcano.