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Scientists Downgrade Pavlof Volcano

Scientists have downgraded the Pavlof Volcano after its eruption greatly declined over the past 2 days.  The Alaska Volcano Observatory says that sensors are no longer picking up seismic tremor or explosions.  Satellites have not detected on any ash or steam plumes. The aviation color code now stands at yellow with an alert level of advisory.

Pavlof’s historic eruptions include fluctuations between calm periods and explosive activity. AVO says the current pause does not necessarily mean that the eruption has ended.

Veniaminof Volcano continues to rattle seismic sensors with low level tremor while spitting out lava, ash, and steam.  The active vent sits in a large caldera full of glacial ice and snow.  Lava is melting that snow, but the AVO does not expect it to be enough to impact drainages near the volcano.

Veniaminof’s aviation code is orange, with the alert level at warning.

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