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Pavlof Volcano Grounds Flights, Shoots Ash to 25,000 Feet

Alaska Volcano Observatory

Pavlof Volcano’s eruption has grounded flights into Cold Bay for the second day in a row.  Pen Air confirms that its planes did not make it into the Aleutian community as the ash cloud rose to 25 thousand feet.  The Alaska Volcano Observatory reports that the eruption has declined since yesterday and now consists of intermittent seismic tremor and explosions.

No ash fall was reported today [Wednesday] in King Cove, where trace amounts of ash fell Tuesday.  King Cove is located about 30 miles southwest of the volcano. 

Scientists say Pavlof is likely creating spatter-fed lava flows that run down the flanks of the volcano over ice and snow, possibly producing substantial steam plumes.

Nearby Veniaminof continues to erupt.  Satellite data shows heat from lava flows and an ash plume rising to 10 thousand feet.  Scientists say larger explosions and ash production could occur at any time.