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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 8, 2016

Egegik had its best day yet on Thursday, and Naknek-Kvichak Manager Travis Elison weighs in on what might be headed up from Port Moller.

The 2 billionth fish has come and gone (into a fillet or can or just shipped out without a head – who knows) and now we’re just racking up the fish count. Bristol Bay’s total run through Thursday, 16 and a half million fish. Thursday’s catch was 1.6 million, bringing the season total to 11.7. And for the rivers counting, 355,000 salmon counted as escapement Thursday, almost 4 million so far this season. Baywide, 1671 permits fishing on 1331 boats Friday morning, going up to 1702 permits on 1354 boats in 48 hours.

Tonight, Naknek-Kvichak Manager Travis Elison joins to talk about his district and what might be on the way, we hear about changes to the National Weather Service websites – and, a run through the numbers, including Port Moller’s best day yet today. 

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