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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report July 6, 2016


Today's the big day: one of you caught the two billionth on to three!

You’ve done it, Bristol Bay. We’re pretty sure that somewhere out there in one of the five fishing districts, someone hauled in the 2 billionth commercially-caught salmon this afternoon. 

Bristol Bay’s run for 2016 through Tuesday was 12.3 million salmon – about a quarter of the way to the forecast. Yesterday’s catch was 1.1 million, season total 8.6 million. Another 560,000 counted as escapement, and 3.2 million for all rivers counting so far this season.

How many boats are out there?

Ugashik: 263 permits on 204 boats.

Egegik: 357 permits on 284 boats.

Naknek-Kvichak: 618 permits on 503 boats, going up to 640 permits on 516 boats after a 48-hour wait.

Nushagak: 396 permits on 304 boats.

Togiak: 42 permits – 42 boats.

Tonight we check out those numbers and plenty more - including stock compositions from the Port Moller test fishery - hear who might have caught the two billionth fish, and check-in on westside management with Fish and Game's Tim Sands.


Catching two billion fish is hard work. A crewman catches a nap between openers.

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Port Moller has posted several days of good daily indexes. Today, we received the estimates on where those fish were headed.

For July 1 and 2:

Egegik: 33.7 percent

Wood River: 19 percent

Ugashik: 13 percent

Naknek: 12 percent

Kvichak: 8.6 percent

North AK Peninsula: 6.2 percent

Nushagak 3.5 percent

Alagnak 2.2 percent

Igushik 1.2 percent

Togiak and Kuskokwim, 0.0 percent.

Stock composition for July 3 and 4:

Ugashik, 27.4 percent

Egegik, 24.1 percent

Naknek, 11.7 percent

Wood, 9.7 percent

Kvichak, 9.6 percent

Nushagak, 7.3 percent

North Peninsula, 7.2 percent

Alagnak, 1.4 percent

Igushik, 1.3 percent

Kuskokwim and Togiak back in the game, with 0.3 and 0.1 percent respectively.