subsistence fishing

Courtesy of Apay'uq Moore

A third of the state’s subsistence salmon harvest was caught in Bristol Bay in 2017. That’s according to a new report from the McKinley Research Group. The subsistence economy is critical to Bristol Bay’s culture, and it’s the oldest and most continuous use of salmon here. 

Where are Koliganek's king salmon?

Jul 11, 2017
Avery Lill/ KDLG

Red salmon hit subsistence nets hard in Koliganek this summer, but so far they are pulling in very few king salmon.

Wildlife troopers in Unalakleet cited a man Tuesday for unlawful subsistence fishing. On July 2nd, 39 year old Norman P. Haugen allegedly caught 25 king salmon illegally, by using gillnets sized at 8 inches and 7 and ¾ of an inch, when the mesh size was restricted to 4 and a half inches. He faces two counts of illegal subsistence fishing by unlawful methods and means and was ordered to appear in Unalakleet court. Troopers seized the 25 king salmon, along with 10 chums and 1 pink as evidence.