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Halibut season is winding down. So far 45,977 pounds of halibut have been landed in area 4-E. Some of the 21 fishermen participating between Dillingham, Naknek and Togiak send fish to processors. Others sell them dockside. A Dillingham fleet is taking a different approach to selling their catch.

Isabelle Ross/KDLG

Halibut have hit the docks in Dillingham. The 4-E halibut fishery opened on May 1, and the first fish was landed on May 14.

Bristol Bay commercial halibut fishery opens Sunday

Apr 29, 2016
Molly Dischner/KDLG News

The Bristol Bay commercial halibut fishery opens Sunday – but that’s not the only opportunity to catch halibut locally.

Herring fishery continues as some prep for halibut

Apr 26, 2016
Molly Dischner/KDLG News

A week into a challenging Togiak herring fishery, some fishermen are ready for halibut season.

Bering Sea winter fisheries underway

Feb 16, 2016

Salmon season may be a ways off, but winter fisheries like pollock and snow crab are underway in the Bering Sea.

Bristol Bay posts strong 2015 halibut catch

Sep 18, 2015
Hannah Colton / KDLG

Fishermen caught about 45,000 pounds of halibut near Bristol Bay this summer, worth more than $200,000.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 19

Jun 19, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

Tonight we try to figure out what the Port Moller Test Fishery numbers mean - with a little help from project manager Matt Nemeth.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 11, 2015

Jun 11, 2015
Courtesy Adrienne Christensen

Tonight we check-in on what's happening over on the east side, and get an update on the Bristol Bay halibut fishery.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 10, 2015

Jun 10, 2015
Molly Dischner/KDLG

Tonight we hear BBEDC  President/CEO Norm Van Vactor's outlook for Bristol Bay fisheries and check out what's happening in Togiak.

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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 8, 2015

Jun 8, 2015
Matt Martin/KDLG

Tonight we take a look at the sockeye salmon market with analyst Andy Wink.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 2, 2015

Jun 3, 2015
Molly Dischner/KDLG

KDLG's Molly Dischner has June 2's Bristol Bay Fisheries Report. Listen here for a conversation with ADFG Area Manager for the Naknek-Kvichak District Travis Elison, an update from Copper River Seafoods' Bristol Bay Manager Vojta Novak about the new plant in Naknek,  info on the local halibut and herring fisheries, and other news.

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Fresh halibut hits the Dillingham harbor

May 27, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

Eagle II skipper William A. Johnson brought in 25 halibut, the first fresh fish of the season for some happy customers. 

  Halibut was fetching $7 dollars a pound at the Dillingham harbor Tuesday afternoon. 

Audio transcript: 

Eagle II skipper William Johnson arrived in Dillingham with 25 halibut caught Monday just ahead of some rough weather.

“It was calm yesterday but now it’s blowing again, that’s why we came home.”

Bristol Bay is famous for its massive salmon and herring fisheries. However, the region can boast another commercial fishery that’s much smaller in size and scale. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

The International Pacific Halibut Commission has filled out the membership of the new "Management Strategy Advisory Board". The 16-member Board includes both American's and Canadians.