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KDLG/Brian Venua

Several residents called in to voice concerns over quarantine requirements under the new emergency order. Dillingham City Council voted unanimously to extend its COVID-19 emergency declaration through September 6 at Thursday’s City Council meeting.


Brian Venua/KDLG

The public and City Council engaged in vigorous discussion at Thursday's meeting. Emergency Order One is now in effect as well. It contains the same protective measures that were already in place, with a few modifications.

The City of Dillingham is looking for recommendations of what to do with the Carlson House.

The property was owned by a prominent Dillingham family, who donated it to the City. City manager Rose Loera says the house has mostly been boarded up for the past decade:

"There’s a lot of mold and foundation issues in the house itself, and so, once that was determined, then nothing ever happened with it."

The house may be costly to renovate. Loera says there is some money donated by the Carlsons that could be used for restoration.

The Dillingham City council will bring back a proposal to ban smoking in bars.  After a vote in May that failed to advance the ban to committee, the council Thursday night decided to put the topic on the agenda for its next meeting. 

Dillingham resident Adam Kane urged the council to take direct action and ban smoking in time for the busy summer season. Kane argued that a smoking ban would not hurt business and would have positive health benefits.