City of Chignik Bay

The community is still feeling tremors from the earthquake, causing some side effects. Chignik Bay is also looking to improve emergency infrastructure after last month's evacuation.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 1, 2020

Jul 1, 2020
Sage Smiley/KDLG

Fishing in Egegik gets a boost as the run picks up there -- that fleet is looking at a set of openers. A push of fish up the Naknek River doubled the total escapement there yesterday, as the bay-wide run approaches 4 million.


Brian Venua/KDLG

The total run in the bay passed 3 million yesterday. Kings are still low in the Nushagak, and the sockeye aren’t pushing that hard yet, either. The sockeye run up the Chignik River is roughly half of what it was at this point in 2018, when the fishery saw its lowest run since statehood.

Izzy Ross/KDLG

The Nushagak has apportionment, and its run is picking up. The Wood River run is coming along. Down on the Alaska Peninsula, the early Chignik run is off to an extremely low start for the third June in a row. 

Alex Hager/KDLG

In a major shift, the board voted to halve Kodiak's allocation of Chignik sockeye in Cape Igvak, shortened fishing time, and doubled the minimum harvest required to open fishing in the Igvak section.

Low sockeye numbers continue in the Chignik River

Aug 8, 2018
Mitch Borden/KDLG

Commercial fishermen who fish near the Chignik River have been unable to cast their nets to catch sockeye all summer; not enough red salmon are returning to the river for the Alaska Department of Fish and Game to open the fishery. As summer winds down, some are beginning to doubt there will be any commercial sockeye openings before the season comes to a close. 

Fish board responds to changes in Chigniks

Mar 4, 2016
Hannah Colton/KDLG

The once-thriving Chignik fishery has seen better days, and fishermen from the region asked the state Board of Fish for a little help.

Chignik fishery changes on BOF agenda

Feb 24, 2016
Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Chignik fishermen are asking the state Board of Fisheries to increase the focus on pink and chum salmon management in their area.


The future of a mineral mining prospect on the Alaska Peninsula is uncertain after this summer’s drilling produced weak results.

2015 Chignik sockeye late, prices low

Oct 29, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

Like other runs around the state, Chignik sockeye came late and prices were low.

State considering Chignik request for management change

Oct 22, 2015
Hannah Colton/KDLG

Chignik fishermen are asking for a change in management, but the state says the budget could make it difficult.

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report June 23 2015

Jun 23, 2015
Molly Dischner/KDLG

The Nushagak District is leading in catches this week, and Area Manager Tim Sands tells us the plan for the days ahead.

A Dillingham man, 25 year old Joey J. Paul, died yesterday after falling into the vessel's the engine shaft area while fishing near Chignik Lagoon.  Beth Ipsen is  a spokesperson for the Alaska State Troopers.

"He fell about 5 feet onto the shaft in the engine," said Ipsen.