Pricing update: base prices and bonuses

Jul 29, 2019

More processors have followed Icicle in posting base prices, and some bonuses are out as well. 

Seagulls fly around a tender at Leader Creek in Naknek.
Credit Sage Smiley / KDLG

Icicle is paying $1.35 for sockeye and $0.40 for chum. For drifters fishing for Icicle there is an $0.08 bonus for bled sockeye in RSW only, $0.15 for sockeye chilled in ice or RSW, and $0.05 cent premium for floated fish. For set netters, there is also a $0.15 cent bonus for chilling.  

Alaska General Seafoods has joined Icicle in posting a sockeye base price of $1.35 per pound. 

Fishermen for Red Salmon, also known as North Pacific Seafoods, and Peter Pan also confirm their base prices of $1.35 per pound for reds. 

Trident, Copper River, E&E, Ocean Beauty, Leader Creek, and Silver Bay have either not yet posted prices or won't release prices to the public. 

Leader Creek fishermen who spoke to KDLG don't yet know their base price but are reportedly receiving $0.15 per pound bonuses for late-season fishing.

Besides the perviously confirmed $0.40 for chum and bonuses posted by Icicle, no other species prices or bonuses have been confirmed at this time. 

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