Port Moller Test Fishery Update... Continued High Index Numbers

Jun 22, 2013

Sockeye caught as part of the Port Moller Test Fishery.
Credit Mike Mason

As noted earlier the Port Moller Test Fishery continues to post very large index numbers and the cumulative traditional index number is the highest on record.

The crew of the test boat didn’t fish stations 2 and 10 on Friday but they still hauled in 243-sockeye. 84-fish were taken at station 6 and 81-fish were taken at station 4. That catch at station 8 was 78-sockeye. 144 of the sockeye were caught in the 5 1/8 inch mesh panels and 99-fish were taken from the 4 ½ inch mesh panels.

Friday’s catch produced a daily replacement index number of 50, which pushed the cumulative replacement index number up to 386. The daily traditional index number from Friday’s fishing effort was 152, which pushes the cumulative index number up to 962. That’s the largest cumulative number on record. The previous high was 878 recorded back in 1995. That year the run topped 61-million sockeye.

The Port Moller Test Fishery is scheduled to run through July 10th. The updates from the Test Fishery can be found online on the website of the Bristol Bay Regional Seafood Development Association at www.bbrsda.com.