Peter Pan Seafoods raises base price for Bristol Bay sockeye to $1.25

Jul 19, 2021

Peter Pan set an initial base price of $1.10 in June, before fishing began. The company upped the price to $1.25 to stay competitive with other processors, according to its Bristol Bay manager.

The processing facilities of Peter Pan Seafoods. June 9, 2021.
Credit Brian Venua/KDLG

Peter Pan Seafoods has raised its base price for Bristol Bay sockeye to $1.25 a pound. 

The company announced an initial base price of $1.10 in June, before fishing began. 

The processor told its fleet it was upping its base price to $1.25 on Saturday -- the day after OBI Seafoods set its base price for that amount. 

Travis Roenfanz, the Bristol Bay manager for Peter Pan, said the company upped its price to compete with other processors.


“There were some other rumors out there that the other base prices were going to be posted at $1.25, so we wanted to make sure that we were competitive. So we bumped up to $1.25 to match what we were hearing out there in the other industry sectors,” he said.

Peter Pan will pay an additional $0.10 for fall fish after July 18, and $0.30-worth of quality bonuses.

The 2021 price is up almost 80% from last year's $0.70 per pound, and it is on par with the price for 2018.

OBI will include a $0.15 late-season bonus for boats that continue to fish after July 23. That increase will not go into effect until after that date.

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