Letters to Mother Earth

May 18, 2021

This spring, students in English courses at Dillingham High School wrote letters to Mother Nature. The assignment started out as a project for Earth Day. A few of the students shared their work here.

Sockeye swimming up a creek at Lake Aleknagik. Aug. 8, 2019.
Credit Izzy Ross/KDLG

Credit Courtesy of Dellana Mann

Dellana Mann, 10th grade:

Dear Mother Nature,

Thank you for all of the wonderful nature, plants, and trees, and many other interesting wonderful things you have given us. I am sorry not many people appreciate mother nature and trash it up and destroy some things, but I am also sorry that I did not recognize how much you have given us. I usually recognize you when I am sad or when I go for walks, or even when I am driving in a car and if you must know, I am a very curious person and I just need to know so many things about more nature. I am thankful for all of the beautiful flowers and greens you give us in the spring. You make the world so beautiful with all of your love even though people do not appreciate what you do. Please don’t be too harsh on us mother nature, I am truly sorry for what we do to you. Thank you for trying to make this world so, so beautiful but I am sorry we do not see how beautiful you really make the world, if we did not trash up the world or use things that destroyed mother nature, we would see how gorgeous and desirous the world would be.

Maddison Swift, 10th grade:

Credit Courtesy of Madison Swift

Dear Mother Earth,

You are so amazing, you are what makes this world beautiful. Without you this planet would not be earth, without you the earth would not be so full of life and color. So, I thank you for the greatness you brought to this world and how you shine your beauty upon it. I know us humans don’t always treat you right but deep down we all truly love you.

The rain you bring upon us helps water the pretty flowers you have grown from your roots. The massive trees you have sprouted from your grounds that house our different types of brilliant birds. The seasons you have us go through so you can replenish and do more greatness. You are the reason we survive the way we do. The crisp air that feels so good as we take a deep breath to remember what's great. With the summer season that you bring it makes our freckles show and our skin glow, the summer breeze makes our hair blow wild as we soak up the sun and go and explore your beauty.

Thought sometimes you rage upon us and burn down the forests. You show us how powerful you really are by making winds blow up to 100 mph so we don’t forget what you can really do. You throw bolts of electricity at us and make it thunder so we hear you. You make sure we don’t forget your name, you make sure we can always hear you. And still you are beautiful. Through all your destruction you are still so beautiful. With all the storms you cause, when the sun shines again it's even more beautiful than before. So we thank you Mother Earth and we celebrate you on this day.

Sincerely, Maddison Swift

These letters were an assignment for different sections of Ms. Ginny Bobbitt's English courses.

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