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The Alaska Flatfish Fishery Earns a Sustainability Certification

The sustainability program sponsored by the seafood marketing arm of the State of Alaska has certified Alaska’s flatfish fishery. The fishery is conducted in 2 management areas… the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands area… and the Gulf of Alaska. The catch in that fishery includes Yellowfin Sole, Northern Rock Sole, Southern Rock Sole, Flathead Sole, Rex Sole, Kamchatka Flounder, Arrowtooth flounder, Alaska Plaice and Greenland Turbot. In the announcement confirming the sustainability certification for the Alaska flatfish fishery, ASMI noted the work done by the flatfish industry to reduce sea floor contact including new trawl gear that elevates the gear off the seafloor. One of the participants in the Alaska flatfish fishery is the Alaska Seafood Cooperative, formerly the Best Use Cooperative. It’s a group of catcher processor fishing companies. Manager Jason Anderson noted that the Alaska flatfish fishery participants are proud to join the ranks of the other RFM certified fisheries. The Alaska flatfish fishery is the largest such fishery on earth. The Responsible Fisheries Management Program is sponsored by the Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute.