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ASMI Hosting Annual Fish Photo Contest

Todd B of Cordova

The Alaska Seafood Marketing Institute is hosting its annual Alaska Fishing Families Photo Contest this fall.  ASMI is inviting all photographers to enter photos that share the uniqueness of Alaska’s fisheries.

ASMI will place submitted photos into categories and award first, second and third place prizes in best action, best boat, best family or kid, best fish, best humor, best scenic, best throwback photos. Communications director at ASMI Tyson Fick says this is the third year in a row the organization has held this contest.

“It came to us, the idea that a picture says a thousand words but it also says it in any language. And photos of our fisheries, the scenery, the people, the fish themselves, the place that it happens it’s so important for us to be able to go out and tell that story of Alaska Seafoods in the world markets that we deal in and help us accomplish our mission of maximizing the value.”

Fick says the judges will be looking for photos that really capture the essence of the fisheries in Alaska.  There are some things to remember when submitting a photo to the contest.  Photos must be in focus and the higher resolution photos are best. 

“Photos that show commercially available species and commercial fishing in particular, because that’s what our job is. With that said we’re also interested in the cultural story and how deeply engrained subsistence and sport as well as commercial are involved in Alaska.”

Each first place winner for each category will win an Apple iPad, each second place winner will win an ASMI dry duffle bag and third places winners will receive an Alaska Seafood sweatshirt.  ASMI is also offering a Facebook Fan Favorite.  The judges will chose 20 photos and followers on Facebook will be able to vote for the photo they like the best.  That photo will win a trip for two anywhere Alaska Airlines flies.

However, the life of the photos don’t end with the contest.

“The photos will be displayed on the Facebook page and also in our materials. We use this in our marketing efforts all over, so you’d see it in different events that we’re at, maybe different ads and Brussels at the largest seafood show in the world. This is the slide show that we use to share with folks what’s going on in Alaska.”

For more information or to submit a photo visit the website before November 30th.  The winners will be announced on December 15th.  

Credit Earl L. of Port Townsend 2013 Best Action
Credit Maya E. of Kenai 2013 Best Kid Photo.
Credit John H. of Haines 2013 Best Boat Photo.
Credit Joseph E. of Juneau 2013 Best Fish Photo.
Credit Shawn M. of Woodinville 2013 Best Humor Photo
Credit William A. of Homer 2013 Best Scenic Photo
Credit Mark D. of Palmer 2013 Best Throwback Photo