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Wet and Warm Weather Forecasted for Much of Southern Alaska

National Weather Service

Unseasonably warm weather is expected to impact much of southern Alaska for the rest of this week. The National Weather Service has issued a special weather statement noting that warm and wet conditions will impact Southern Alaska late Wednesday through Saturday. The Weather Service anticipates that a series of fast-moving storm system will move across southern Alaska. Those storm systems have their origins in the subtropical Pacific Ocean. The National Weather Service suggests that with each passing storm, warmer air aloft will continue to push further north and west into Alaska. The special weather statement issued Tuesday morning notes that a strong and extremely moist storm system is poised to sweep across the state late Thursday through Saturday. It will bring with it periods of heavy rainfall to the Gulf of Alaska and Prince William Sound. The National Weather Service believes that temperatures across much of Southcentral Alaska will likely rise well into the 30’s and 40’s as far north as the Alaska Range. However, by Saturday night and Sunday, temperatures will drop back to near or just below freezing.