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Alleged Drug Dealer Arrested in Dillingham

Dan Dunaway

A man from Dillingham has been arrested for allegedly dealing heroin and other drugs. Officers with the Dillingham Police Department arrested Vaughn Clark of Dillingham Tuesday afternoon after receiving a tip that he was dealing heroin from a women that was found by her probation officer to be under the influence of heroin. Clark was stopped by officers around 4:30 Tuesday afternoon in the parking lot of the L&M Hardware Store in Dillingham. The affidavit from the arresting officer indicates that Clark exited the silver SUV he was driving and immediately threw his cell phone on the ground, breaking it. Clark was found to be in possession of brass knuckles and a large amount of cash. A subsequent search found that Clark was allegedly in possession of 4 syringes, which the Police Department claims were filled with a liquid substance consistent with black tar heroin. Officers also report finding a scale with a brown residue consistent with heroin. They also found methadone pills and aluminum foil containing a white powder that they report was consistent with meth. Officers also found several empty syringes. Vaughn Clark was arrested on charges of drug distribution and possession. He was arraigned Wednesday morning on 7 drug charges. His bail was set at $20-thousand dollars cash. Witnesses at the arraignment suggest that Clark was suffering from withdrawal symptoms. He participated in the arraignment wrapped in a blanket and was sweating heavily. The women who provided police with the initial tip reported that Clark sold her heroin and then smoked heroin with her. Vaughn Clark has a long rap sheet with convictions on drug and alcohol charges along with theft, assault, DUI and driving without a license. At the time of Tuesday’s tip the Dillingham Police Department was searching for Clark on reports that he was driving without a license.