Kristine Sowl/ Alaska Region USFWS

With reports of a fox behaving aggressively near Wood River Road, ADF&G area management biologist encourages caution.


The Alaska Department of Fish and Game in Dillingham has received reports of a fox behaving oddly along Wood River Road this week. A bicyclist reported that the animal has been somewhat aggressive, snarling and snapping its teeth. It has followed a car and tried to bite the fender, and it has also been seen foaming at the mouth.

New lava dome forms on Cleveland Volcano

Oct 4, 2017
John Lyons/AVO/USGS

In keeping with a pattern that repeats a handful of times every year, Cleveland Volcano is building pressure and will likely erupt soon. Scientists at the AVO say that it could be a matter of days or months.

U.S. National Weather Service

A powerful Bering Sea cyclone will push strong westerlies into coastal Southwest Alaska Wednesday and especially Thursday. The storm will bring winds of 30-40 mph, with gusts up to 60, and high seas and some storm surge along the coast are in the forecast as well.

Slugs plague Dillingham gardeners

Oct 2, 2017
Avery Lill/ KDLG

Dillingham gardeners say that an uptick in slimy pests in recent years is making growing greens more difficult.


The Arctic Council Working Group on Conservation of Arctic Flora and Fauna met in Bethel last week to discuss strategies for measuring the impact of climate change on circumpolar wildlife.


Officials from all eight Arctic nations will attend a meeting in Bethel on September 6 and 7, which will focus on conserving and managing Arctic plants and animals.

NOAA Alaska Fisheries Science Center

During POWER survey that began in late July, two right whales were heard, then spotted, allowing researchers to photograph and take biopsy sample of critically endangered species.

Bristol Bay Heritage Land Trust

A delegation from BBHLT will travel to Australia in September to present the organization's work before a panel of judges for the the Theiss International Riverprize. BBHLT was nominated for the award for its work protecting salmon and wildlife habitat on the Nushagak and Kvichak rivers.

Village Of Newtok Finds Rebirth At Mertarvik

Aug 16, 2017
Christine Trudeau/ KYUK

The village of Newtok in the Yukon-Kuskokwim Delta is moving to Mertarvik to escape rising water. The ribbon cutting for the new village site was held August 10.

Daniel Schindler

This summer animals gorged themselves on caterpillars while the caterpillars gorged themselves on alder and willow. That resulted in fat gulls, trout and bears and in defoliated vegetation.

International Maritime Organization

At their July meeting, the Marine Environmental Protection Committee, a committee of the United Nations agency that regulates international shipping, adopted a proposal to address environmental risks heavy fuel oil could pose in the Arctic. Heavy fuel oil is already banned in Antarctic waters.

Is the harbor seal population rising in Bristol Bay?

Jul 12, 2017

Fisherman in Bristol Bay say the population of harbor seals in the area is growing notably larger. The observation is confirmed by aerial surveys conducted by the federal government a few years ago. 

Avery Lill/ KDLG

Koliganek and New Stuyahok are still waiting on their first barge of the year. Heating fuel use for residents and businesses in New Stuyahok is limited.


A new walrus haulout site between Ugashik and Egegik is more accessible to tourists than traditional Bristol Bay haulout sites. Pilots and lodges in the area are both trying to utilize and protect this opportunity.

Katmai bear cam is back for its sixth year

Jun 29, 2017

About 2200 bears live in Katmai National Park and Preserve. The popular webcam, which attracts thousands of viewers daily, gives people a close look at bears' behavior.