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S.B. 89, which would also require parents to sign off on each sexual education lesson, will move on now to the House Health and Social Services Committee. 

More than twenty people testified against Senate Bill 89, which would require parents to okay sex education lessons and prohibit Planned Parenthood curriculum in schools. 

The Dillingham City School District and the Dillingham Education Association, the local teacher’s union, have begun negotiations on a new contract.

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Alaska’s interim Commissioner of Education Susan McCauley has named a temporary replacement for the Department’s number two position.

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S.B. 89 would require parental permission before sex ed lessons, allow parents to take their kids out of sex ed, and prohibit curriculum from Planned Parenthood and other "abortion service providers." 

University of Alaska

In a press conference Tuesday, Jim Johnsen addressed the Strategic Pathways plan's lack of specifics, and called Rep. Tammie Wilson's budget-slashing proposal "a serious hit in our capacity to serve the state."

The proposal would cut four full-time teachers, among other things. The school board will also consider a separate version of the budget without the MAP school. 


A Manokotak teacher has been chosen as Alaska’s Special Education “Teacher of the Year” by the Council for Exceptional Children.

University of Alaska System

A draft plan released Tuesday would reorganize the UA system into three focused campuses.

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Fifth grader Ryan Berkoski will go on to represent Dillingham City School District at the state bee in Anchorage in March. 


With lawmakers weeks away from passing the state education budget, Dillingham City School District is trying to plan for good, bad, and ugly budget scenarios for FY 2017.  

Mike Hanley ousted as Alaska Education Commissioner

Feb 4, 2016
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In a press release Thursday, Governor Walker announced that Dr. Susan McCauley will take over as interim DEED Commissioner on March 1st. 

The Dillingham Education Association says the district violated its agreement when it purchased plane tickets for new hires; the school board dismissed the grievance Monday on the grounds that it is not timely.

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The boarding school's superintendent calls the plan a "hostile takeover," but lawmakers have expressed strong interest in ANSEP's proposal to turn Mt. Edgecumbe into an accelerated program. 

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Got big ideas or research to share? The Western Alaska Inter-Disciplinary Science Conference is accepting proposals through January 31.