ACLU Awards Scholarship to Rural Alaskans

Aug 21, 2014

The Alaska branch of a major civil rights organization has awarded scholarships to two rural Alaskans.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more.

Delayed Koliganek School Construction Now Underway

Aug 12, 2014
Southwest Region School District

Low river waters have delayed the completion of a new school in an upriver village, but officials are determined to get the rest of the materials to the site in time for winter. KDLG’s Luke Brummer has more.

Alaska State Legislature

A major Alaska school district has adopted guidelines for training on recognizing and preventing sexual abuse.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more on the policy and the campaign behind it.

Evon Peter Selected for UAF Rural Development Post

Aug 4, 2014
University of Alaska Fairbanks

As the first land grant college in the state, the University of Alaska Fairbanks has an important role in its educational history.  While it’s most established in Fairbanks, UAF also operates several rural campuses in locations such as Dillingham, Bethel, and Nome.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has the details on a new person who will administer these campuses.

Office of US Senator Lisa Murkowski

Last week US Senator Lisa Murkowski spoke in front of the National Indian Educational Association.  In her speech, she pledged her support for native language immersion programs. 

Senator Murkowski has a history of supporting native language immersion programs.  In June, Murkowski spoke in support of the Native American Languages Reauthorization Act of 1974.  Both that bill and the Native Language Immersion Student Achievement Act went in front of the Committee on Indian Affairs in late July.  They are both under review.

University of Alaska System

The University of Alaska is trying a new program aimed at bringing students from the Lower 48 with family ties in Alaska to head north. 

This fall will see the beginning of a new two year program called “Come Home to Alaska.”  Out of state students applying to the University of Alaska will be able to pay in state tuition if they have parents or grandparents that are residents of the state.  This program would save an out of state student over $13,000 for 30 undergraduate credits per year.

Igiugig Recieves Historic Preservation Grant

Jul 29, 2014
National Park Service

The National Park Service has just released this year’s group of historic preservation grants.  The funds are used by a variety of Native Americans for preserving physical sites as well as culture.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more on the grants as well as an Alaska village making use of one.

•Open Line for Monday June 9, 2014

Jul 29, 2014

University of Alaska Fairbanks

The University of Alaska Foundation announced the winner of this year’s Edith R. Bullock Prize is Dr. Dana Thomas. 

The Edith R. Bullock Prize was established by its namesake who served the University of Alaska for 30 years as a member of the UA Board of Regents and the foundation’s Board of Trustees.  The title includes a cash award and is the single largest award presented by the Foundation’s Board of Trustees each year.

Bob Hansen

One of the most prestigious colleges in the United States is using Bristol Bay’s massive salmon fishery as a teaching tool. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

UAF Unveils Oral History Exhibit on Exxon Valdez

Jul 18, 2014
University of Alaska-Fairbanks

The Exxon-Valdez Oil Spill is the subject of a new oral history project by the University of Alaska-Fairbanks.  KDLG’s Chase Cavanaugh has more on how the project got started and what perspectives it can offer on the incident.

The National Education Association held a conference last month in Denver, Colorado to discuss ways to improve the quality of education for public school students.  The president of the Alaska NEA was attending. 

The Annual Meeting and Representative Assembly touched on several pertinent issues.   NEA Alaska president Ron Fuhrer says school safety, standardized testing and teacher preparation among other things will be major topics discussed.  However, the primary focus was student achievement. 

As of July 1st, former Alaskan public high school students that failed the High School Graduation Qualifying Exam and received a certificate of achievement are eligible for a high school diploma. 

US Senator Lisa Murkowski spoke Wednesday at a committee meeting in Washington, DC about her Native American Languages Reauthorization Act of 2014.  KDLG’s Thea Card has more.

Senator Murkowski shared her personal connection in wanting to enhance Native language learning in Alaskan schools.  She explained that when she placed her children in an immersion school in Anchorage, it was difficult to get respect and support from districts for those schools. 

The state of Alaska will begin a new system for rating schools in the fall.  The new system is fairer and more realistic for alternative and small schools.