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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report

Bristol Bay Fisheries Report: July 11, 2017

Avery Lill / KDLG

The run goes to 38 million, and at some point today a westside sockeye caught in a net or counted by a tower pushed the Nushagak district's total run to an all time high. Tonight, Icicle's Warner Lew chimes in on today's activity and his faith in Port Moller's numbers that more fish are on the way. Plus we explore the shoreside labor issues with some disgruntled workers that didn't make it, and BBEDC's Norm Van Vactor on how "significant" this problem has been in 2017.

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Today was the day the Nushagak District probably counted its 16,000,000th sockeye of the season, setting an all time high record and doubling the preseason forecast. (We'll have those counts from ADF&G tomorrow!) The catches eased off just a bit everywhere but Ugashik, due either to Mother Nature or processor catch limits we know not. Icicle's Warner Lew says trust the Port Moller numbers, more fish are coming. Labor issues may be the big story of 2017, and BBEDC's Norm Van Vactor joins tonight to discuss. "For some companies it's significant and extreme, and without question has cut into their production capacity in a big way. I would speculate for some companies it could be as significant as thirty, thirty-five percent," he says. Plus, some of those who washed out recently air out their grievances. Hook us up with a donation and keep this show on the air!

Credit Sarah Grace Durrance
The Dillingham Harbor always has a few boats in for a night or two. Pictured here on a sunny Tuesday evening. The Nushagak fleet has gone down in half, from 490 boats to 245.

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Credit Nick Ciolino / KDLG
Delivering in the Wood Sunday.

Credit BBSRI
The final Port Moller catches at the bottom of the chart.

Credit Dr. Curry Cunningham, UW-FRI
The run picked itself up and is now likely coming in quite a bit bigger than forecast.