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Bristol Bay Fisheries Report, July 5, 2016

Lindsay Layland

Processor catch limits for the North Peninsula fleet, an update from a small processor in Naknek happy to have lots of fish, a visit to Libby's No. 23, and we milk the clock long enough to get today's Port Moller catches in the broadcast. 

If this run is coming in near the forecast, it's 3-4 days late. Is the Bay fishing the June 28-29 lull at Port Moller now? 

Monday's catch was 1.1 million, bringing the season total to 7.5 million sockeye. Ugashik hauled in 78,000 (313 average drift delivery size); Egegik 367,000 (969); Naknek-Kvichak 173,000 (146); Nushagak 460,000 (561); Togiak 17,000 (171). 

Drift permit registrations, by district: Ugashik 261 permits, + 4 in 48. Egegik 354, + 1 in 48. Naknek-Kvichak 583, +57 in 48. Nushagak 402, no changes planned. Togiak 42, no changes planned. 

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Credit UW-FRI
Daily catch and escapement, compared to past years, through July 4.