Gary "Butch" King

The eruption of the Veniaminof Volcano on the Alaska Peninsula increased in severity Friday morning. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the details.

An earthquake with a preliminary magnitude of 7.0 struck the Aleutian Islands this morning. The earthquake occurred at 8:25 this morning and was centered about 55-miles southeast of Adak.

The Currant Creek Fire Near Lake Clark is Out

Aug 26, 2013
Gail Coray

The Alaska Division of Forestry reports that the Currant Creek Fire is now out.

Russel Nelson

The 78-foot sunken fishing tender Lone Star is still stuck in the mud in the Igushik River as responders try and figure out a new way to recover the vessel. KDLG’s Mike Mason has this update.

Russel Nelson

Knik Construction is operating a gravel pit in Dillingham to supply gravel for a large project at the Dillingham airport. The company confirms that the local water table has been breached as work continues in the pit.

Russel Nelson

The operator of a large and growing gravel pit in Dillingham has apparently admitted that they have broken into the water table.

The Commissioner's Office upheld its June 28 decision to allow Nuvista to use helicopters for planned research in the Wood Tikchik State Park.

Bureau of Land Management

The Bureau of Land Management is beginning a 4 year planning process to set a strategy for over 10 million acres of BLM land across a vast section of southwest Alaska.

Link to project website here.

Fall Moose Hunt Opens Tuesday in GMU 17B,C

Aug 19, 2013
travelinknu / flickr.com

The hunt opens at first light on Aug. 20th; hunters need to register by obtaining a permit from a Fish and Game office.

The "Salmon Project" Gets Started in Alaska

Aug 19, 2013
The Salmon Project

Alaska is home to a tremendous salmon resource that touches nearly every life in the state in one way or another. A new effort is underway to try and understand that relationship. KDLG’s Mike Mason has the story.

F/V Lonestar Not Going Anywhere, For Now

Aug 19, 2013

Magone Marine unable to lift the vessel out of the mud after four attempts, taking the salvage plan back to the drawing board.

New Bethel Area Tundra Tram Project is Complete

Aug 16, 2013

A new 420 foot tram has been built across the boggy tundra outside of Bethel.

Russell Nelson

The ongoing work in a large gravel pit in the city limits of Dillingham has prompted concerns that the operators are impacting the local water table. KDLG’s Mike Mason reports.


Lone Star Still Stuck in the Mud

Aug 15, 2013

More than 6 weeks after it first sank, The Lone Star is still stuck in the mud. Salvage crews are getting creative as they attempt to raise the 78 foot tender and overcome the massive amount of suction from the muddy river bottom at the mouth of the Igushik.  KDLG’s Ben Matheson has more:

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FAA / Alaska Volcano Observatory

After weeks of staying relatively quiet, the Veniaminof Volcano on the Alaska Peninsula has again erupted lava and produced an ash cloud.  KDLG’s Ben Matheson has more: