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For residents of Togiak and other communities in the region, the hunt is a welcome opportunity to harvest a key source of wild meat. For game managers, it's a chance to curtail the booming moose population.

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After a warm start to the winter, the recent bouts of cold weather and heavier snowfall have made for more favorable conditions. 

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It's Valentine's Day! We hear about the SWR school district's Yup'ik value of the month, get an update on Pebble's federal permitting process, and talk about hunting conditions for moose around Togiak after the season there was extended.

Former Togiak resident Ronald Oertwich is suing the city and former mayor Teodoro Pauk over his imprisonment in 2017.

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The moose hunt around Togiak opened today. Here's what hunters need to know. 

Tristen Coopchiak's pre-indictment hearing is scheduled for Nov. 8, 2019, in Dillingham.

Bristol Bay celebrates 2019 graduates

May 21, 2019
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Students around Bristol Bay are about to start summer vacation. For seniors, it’s a significant time of year. They have celebrated prom and taken their finals. Now, they are graduating. Dillingham congratulated the 37 seniors Friday.

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The Traditional Council of Togiak is on its way to setting up a grassroots prevention plan to increase mental health awareness in the community. It will receive $35,000 in federal funding.

Law enforcement have been looking for Jaron V. Wassillie, 23,  for allegedly committing two burglaries.

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On Thursday, Tribal Police Officers seized $32,000 of alcohol before it was smuggled into the dry village. Seven gallons were concealed in apple juice containers. 

New power plant will keep lights on in Togiak

Aug 7, 2018
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Processing salmon comes to a standstill in Togiak as regular blackouts hit the small village, but there is a solution on the horizon.

Togiak National Wildlife Refuge

An artist from Los Angeles recently spent a week in Togiak to learn how people have lived off the land and thrived in the region. She also enlisted village kids to help her paint a colorful mural. 

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As social and environmental changes increasingly threaten those who practice subsistence in Bristol Bay, a new project seeks to preserve the knowledge and voices of Alaska Native women.

Togiak restricts hours to conserve kings

Jun 18, 2018
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Togiak has the smallest and latest salmon run of Bristol Bay's five districts, but it’s already been open for commercial fishing per its regular weekly schedule since June 1.

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This summer a clean-up effort in Togiak National Wildlife Refuge removed more than a ton of junk from the area.