Port Heiden

John Christensen

A volunteer was sent to a hospital in Anchorage last night due to smoke inhalation. The crew was able to put out the southern and middle portions of the fire with heavy equipment. 

Courtesy of Jaclyn Christensen

An Alaska Fire Service aircraft that surveyed the fire yesterday reported low activity, with west winds at 25 - 27 miles per hour. 

Bristol Bay communities working on processing plants

Jun 10, 2016
Photo by Molly Dischner

Efforts to launch local processors in two Bristol Bay communities may finally be coming to fruition.

Board to discuss Bristol Bay boundary change

Dec 3, 2015

The proposals up for discussion at the state Board of Fisheries meeting this week include some that would move the fishery near Port Heiden into the Bristol Bay fishery.

Scott Anderson

Communities with extreme coastal erosion can now see what their shoreline looked like in the past and where it's projected to migrate in future years. 

Erosion prompts fuel tank relocation in Port Heiden

Sep 18, 2015
Native Village of Port Heiden

The project by the Alaska Energy Authority will move new tanks inland by October; pipes will be laid next spring. 

Area M posts strong 2015 sockeye catch

Sep 16, 2015
Courtesy Alaska Department of Fish and Game

Area M fisheries are winding down, and the preliminary numbers show a strong sockeye harvest there this year.


Among the proposals to be considered by the Board of Fisheries in December are 24 that target district-specific management and regulations for the Bay’s commercial salmon fishery.

Village of Port Heiden

About a 100 residents will be trained to manage the new herd of 60, in an effort to bring back a long-dormant tradition in the region.