In a Sunday media release, the corporation said the person was infectious beginning on July 7.

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All three individuals are asymptomatic. Two were tested at the Camai clinic's walk-up testing center in Naknek, and one person tested positive as part of a processor's safety plan.

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The two people in the Bristol Bay Borough tested negative in Seattle before chartering to Naknek, where they were in quarantine, while the newest case in the Lake and Peninsula Borough was a contact from an earlier case, according to the Camai Health Center. 

U.S. Coast Guard

The Coast Guard will have a larger law enforcement presence in the bay this year. They will also practice social distancing and other protective measures while conducting vessel exmaniations.

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The individual immediately isolated in their housing unit. The other people living there all tested negative as of Monday night.

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An evangelical Christian organization delivered a field hospital to the Bristol Bay Borough Monday. It’s a measure the state requested in case of an outbreak of COVID-19 in the community ahead of the fishing season. 

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Murkowski says the $50 million the CARES Act designated for commercial fisheries nationwide is not enough.

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Two of the individuals were tested at Camai Health Center's walk-up clinic, and the third person was tested in Dillingham and is currently self-isolating. 

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BBAHC conducted a second round of testing in the Chignik region Wednesday, and a security contractor conducted vulnerability assessments in the Bristol Bay Borough and Dillingham. 

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It's the final episode before the fishing season! Testing for COVID-19 is now available at the Dillingham harbor. We look at two cases over the past week, and we talk about reducing stress with two local healthcare providers. 

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After Dillingham’s first positive case of the disease was announced May 16, Capstone Clinic opened to everyone in the community.

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Close contacts of the resident were tested by the Abbot ID Now rapid test machine. Those results are being sent to the state lab for confirmation.

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The case is not associated with the seafood industry, and the person was tested in Anchorage, not their home community in the Chignik area, according to the state.   

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COVID-19 testing is available seven days a week, and participants will be given color-coded wristbands to identify what stage of quarantine that person is in. 

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Local, Tribal and state leaders and public health officials discuss the first case of COVID-19 in Dillingham.