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Sea ice update Feb. 22, 2023


This is Mary-Beth from the Alaska Sea Ice program with an update on sea ice conditions in Bristol Bay.

Recent warmer air and southeasterly winds have significantly retreated the ice edge, a large polynya has opened between Port Heiden and Naknek. High concentration ice has compacted against the coast from Cape Newenham through Cape Constantine, though there are small polynyas from Togiak through Right Hand Point and around Kulukak Point. A wind shift returns colder air and westerly winds for Thursday and Friday, which will push things back to the east, closing polynyas and opening them along eastward facing coastlines. A quick moving system traverses the area from west to east on Saturday, which will bring some turmoil to the ice edge. The active storm track continues through early next week, which will continue to hinder ice growth and deteriorate the ice pack. I'm Mary-Beth with the Alaska Sea Ice program. Thanks for listening