My World of Music

Saturday 2-4pm, AM 670, Sunday 5-7pm, 89.9 FM
  • Hosted by Walt Richardson II

My World of Music, hosted by Singer-Songwriter Walt Richardson II on the Network. The show is produced at the studios of AAPRC Affiliate, Radio Phoenix, in Phoenix Arizona, where it has enjoyed popularity on the air since 2007. My World of Music has a strong Caribbean, African, Latin base, with blues, folk, Asian and Middle Eastern sounds mixed in throughout. Much of the music in this program is highly rhythmic, danceable mix. The show opens each week with Reggae-inspired theme music, and from there takes off into directions all over the globe. There are lots of musical surprises... pieces you haven't heard before... but find intriguing. A hot Mambo band, a South African chorus, Arab groove, Bob Marley performing live, a steamy Samba, a Reggae version of Bob Dylan's classic "Maggie's Farm"... This is the kind of variety listeners can expect to hear on My World of Music. Host Walt Richardson is essentially a Reggae man; A working artist, performing singer-songwriter, with a passion for rhythm and acoustic guitar. Known throughout his home state of Arizona, this celebrated son was honored with an induction into the Arizona Hall of Fame for 2014. During his 30 plus years as a both a solo artist and bandleader, Walt has toured throughout the United States and Mexico, and shared the stage with Reggae greats like Third World and Ziggy Marley. He's current working on his fifth recording. We love the AAPRC's mission and capacity to pluck artists right from their organic environments... providing a platform on which they can slice open and serve up the fruits of their cultural and artistic experiences to listeners. Fresh!