Three additional COVID-19 cases in Bristol Bay

Jun 17, 2020

All three individuals are asymptomatic. Two were tested at the Camai clinic's walk-up testing center in Naknek, and one person tested positive as part of a processor's safety plan.

The novel coronavirus.
Credit Courtesy of the CDC

Three new cases of COVID-19 were announced today in the Bristol Bay Borough and Dillingham Census area by the Camai Community Health Center in Naknek.

According to the clinic’s announcement, two of the cases are out-of-state residents that were identified at the clinic’s walk-up testing site in the borough. The other case was identified in a processing plant the clinic provides testing to, but which is considered part of the Dillingham census area.

The two cases in the borough are both tied to the seafood industry. One case is an independent fishermen and the other is a seafood worker who “does not work in a processing plant,” according to Camai.

The case in the Dillingham Census area was identified by the processor’s “Community and Workforce Protective Plan” which includes testing.

All three individuals were in quarantine when they tested positive. They are asymptomatic and are now in isolation. The clinic and state health officials are monitoring their status and conducting community contact tracing investigations. According to the Bristol Bay Area Health Corporation, all close contacts identified so far have tested negative for the disease.

There are now 12 cases of COVID-19 tied to the Bristol Bay region.


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