Tax Tip of the week: Ins and outs of refund returns

Mar 19, 2021

Tax season is upon us. Tune in each Friday for a weekly tip on how to file your taxes from the Alaska Business Development Center.

Credit Franzi Ross

The IRS has delayed the deadline for filing taxes by an entire month – taxes are now due on May 17.

Tax Tip #6:

Most refunds are issued less than 21 days after the tax return is accepted by the IRS. Not all returns are the same; you may not receive your refund at the same time as other people. Receiving your refund by direct deposit is faster than a mailed check. For more information, visit

About the weekly Tips:

Normally, the Alaska Business Development Center would send teams to rural communities around the state to help people file. But this year, they're providing assistance remotely. To get the word out about how to file taxes, ABDC is sending us a weekly tax tip, which we air during the Friday morning and noon newscasts.

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