OBI Seafoods sets $1.25 base price for Bristol Bay sockeye

Jul 16, 2021

OBI's base price is $0.15 higher than the price Peter Pan announced before fishing started in June. 

Credit Izzy Ross/KDLG


OBI Seafoods has posted a base price of $1.25 per pound of Bristol Bay sockeye for the 2021 season. It made the announcement Friday.

The 2021 price is up almost 80% from last year's $0.70 per pound, and it is on par with the price for 2018.

OBI's 2021 base price is also $0.15 higher than the $1.10 base Peter Pan Seafoods set in June, before fishing began.

Major Bristol Bay processors typically pay the same base price, although bonuses vary by company. 

OBI will include a $0.15 late-season bonus for boats that continue to fish after July 23. That increase will not go into effect until after that date. Peter Pan is offering $0.30 worth of quality bonuses.

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