Moose season is underway in units 17B and C

Aug 20, 2019

Units 17B and C are open for moose hunting. This season, river water levels are low and local bear sightings are prevelant. But those bears should not pose a threat to moose population.


Credit United States Fish and Wildlife Service

Moose hunting opens today for game management units 17B and C.

Low water levels in the rivers are an initial concern this year. Wildlife biologist Lauren Watine (wah-TEEN) said this summer’s distinct lack of rain has led to dry conditions that could pose a challenge for hunters.

“That’s going to decrease the water levels and certainly make it difficult for moose hunting and that’s very much how a lot of people access the resource on the landscape.”

The bag limits for units 17B and C is one bull moose of any size. Hunters can bag a spike moose or one with a full rack paddle – just no cows.

Watine said moose populations are fairly stable at the moment, and she doesn’t expect that to change this season. That’s despite recent focus on bears.

“People are always concerned that, okay we’re seeing a lot more bears so that means they’re eating a lot more moose. But that’s not always the case. We could be seeing a lot more bears because people are active more, so people are out when maybe they wouldn’t be so maybe they’re just seeing things that they’re missing.”

According to Watine, other factors such as wildfires or salmon availability could also be related to the uptick in bear sightings this year.

Moose hunting in unit 17A will start Aug. 25. The bag limit for unit A will be one bull and one antlerless moose. The season runs through Sept. 15 for all three units. 

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