Midnight Inks Gallery opens in Dillingham

Jun 14, 2017

An art gallery that features area artists' work is now open once a week in Dillingham.

Brook Spurlock shows off her wares. In this case, it's a postcard featuring the work of Dillingham painter Ian Fo.
Credit Avery Lill/ KDLG

Dillingham screen printer Brook Spurlock opened Midnight Inks Gallery Tuesday. She and her husband recently renovated their entryway, making it a tiny shop for local artists to display and sell their work.

A rack of her apparel, mostly hoodies and t-shirts decorated with salmon and Bristol Bay themed designs, hangs on the back wall. Earrings, etched-glass mason jars and postcards that feature paintings of Dillingham scenes fill homemade wooden shelves. About 10 area artists are represented. Other wares include toddler-sized kuspuks, felted pin cushions and baked goods.

A steady flow of customers trickled through the gallery from the time doors opened at 3 p.m. to its 8 p.m. close.

Spurlock’s apparel makes regular appearances at area bazaars and pop-up shops. Between those events, however, when people asked to buy her work, she found herself pulling bins out of the garage for people to dig through.

“I wanted a space that I can just have the stuff out and hanging. If someone does call me up, then I can just really easily show them. But the best part of this has been getting other artists involved,” says Spurlock.

Midnight Inks Gallery will be open on Tuesdays at Spurlock’s home off of Aleknagik Lake Road.  A “Gallery Open” sign by the street will direct people to her driveway during operating hours.

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