James Folsom Jr. arrested for drug possession after hiding from law enforcement

Nov 1, 2018

The Dillingham man was charged on Tuesday with drug possession for the second time in two months. 


James Folsom Jr drove off Waskey Road on September first, knocking over a telephone pole.
Credit KDLG

James Folsom Jr. of Dillingham was arrested Tuesday for possessing methamphetamine. It’s second time he’s been charged with drug possession in two months. He had been on the run since September and has been hiding out in several local communities, according to police.

Credit KDLG

On September first, the 32-year-old careened off Waskey Road and crashed  into a telephone pole with a car, knocking down the power line. A witness told the responding officer that he saw Folsom throw something into the bushes while he was standing by the vehicle after the accident. The officer found a zip lock bag containing a crystalline substance and a Bic pen. The contents weighed approximately 16 grams and was sent to a state crime lab, where it tested positive for methamphetamine. After the police received the toxicology report several days later, they issued a warrant for his arrest, revoking his probation for a previous felony offense. Folsom was finally brought into custody yesterday.


Tuesday afternoon, Folsom drove by two police officers parked at the Vitus gas station on Aleknagik Lake Road. According to the police report, the officers knew Folsom had an outstanding warrant and pursued him.

Folsom turned into a driveway, parked, and began running away from the car when the officers arrested him. They searched the vehicle and found a zip lock bag containing a crystalline substance that tested positive for methamphetamine. The contents weighed approximately 0.3 grams.

Folsom was transported to the Dillingham Jail. He faces misdemeanor charges of misconduct involving a controlled substance for the September and October incidents.


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