Good knots and love notes are the trademark of one Bristol Bay net hanger

Jul 19, 2018

For decades, Sherol Mershon has spent her summer in Aleknagik hanging nets for fishermen around Bristol Bay. KDLG's Mitch Borden caught up with her one afternoon and has this postcard.

Sherol Mershon walks among the cork lines that fill her driveway.
Credit Mitch Borden

A good net is crucial for a successful sockeye season in Bristol Bay. One woman has spent the better part of 50 years standing in her garage, stringing up the cork and lead lines for fishermen around the region. 


Unlike other net hangers, Sherol Mershon also leaves notes of inspiration to help fishermen keep their spirits up while they’re pulling in sockeye.


The song used in this story is called Western Tanager. It was performed and written about by Chad Crouch.


Sherol Mershon posing for a picture after completing finishing hanging a leadline.
Credit Mitch Borden

Mershon untangling a corkline
Credit Mitch Borden
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