Gayla Hoseth fills BBNA’s director of natural resources position

Jan 15, 2018

Formerly the subsistence research specialist at the Bristol Bay Native Association, Hoseth stepped into the role of director of natural resources in November.

Gayla Hoseth took on the role of BBNA's director of natural resources in mid-November.
Credit Avery Lill/ KDLG

The Bristol Bay Native Association’s Natural Resources Department has moved one of its own into the position of director of natural resources. Gayla Hoseth took on the role in mid-November. Previously, she was BBNA’s subsistence research specialist. For five years, she worked with Bristol Bay area tribal members on advocacy and education related to subsistence issues. As she transitions into the role of director, Hoseth still sees education as key among the department’s priorities.

“Top on our list is to continue to educate the people in here in Bristol Bay of our natural resources and how their voices can be heard with agencies that impact our way of life. For example, we have the Board of Game that’s coming here in February. We’re teaming together to offer an introduction to the Board of Game for residents in Bristol Bay to come and learn about the board process.” said Hoseth, referring to a class that BBNA, the Tanana Chiefs’ Conference and University of Alaska Fairbanks are organizing to educate the public in how to participate in the Board of Game.

BBNA’s Department of Natural Resources is spearheading a number of other projects this year. Those include higher education scholarships and subsistence grants, as well as an initiative to teach area residents to salvage, mend and hang gillnets. Hoseth also highlighted a story documentation project.

“We’re going to be traveling out to five different communities. It’s to bring people together and talk in a circle within the community of traditions, of our way of life, why we do things the way we do, why we hunt in certain areas, what are the legends and the tales,” Hoseth said.

In addition to telling the stories within community “talking circles,” BBNA hopes to record the stories and share them via social media.

Hoseth emphasized that her overarching goal her new position is to work for the protection of Bristol Bay’s natural resources and to assist the community in issues relating to resources, the environment and subsistence. 

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