Ekwok man awaits trial on Anchorage rape charges

Sep 21, 2017

Fred Tom Hurley, III, 26, is being held in custody on six rape charges against two women. The young man from Ekwok had been out of custody less than two days before the alleged rapes occurred in Anchorage.

Dating to 2010, Hurley has accrued a lengthy criminal record of increasingly violent behavior, including multiple escape and resisting arrest charges that have kept law enforcement officers on high alert when dealing with him.

Last fall a host of charges from an alleged crime spree between Ekwok and New Stuyahok were dismissed after a bungled prosecution.

In June, Hurley was acquitted on a sexual assault charge stemming from an incident in Ekwok. While he was in custody at the Dillingham jail during that trial, he allegedly attacked a police officer and a corrections officer, racking up two assault charges that kept him in jail after the jury found him not guilty of rape.

He was transported to Anchorage. With the help of a friend in Dillingham, he posted $150 bail and was released on July 13.

On the afternoon of July 15, Anchorage Police were called to a report of a “sexual assault in progress” near Delaney Park by the intersection of 9th and E Street. An officer arrived in time to find Hurley still engaged in sexual intercourse on one of two women lying in the grass. Both women had their pants pulled down, as did Hurley, who remarked that the victims were his “home girls” and that he had done nothing wrong, according to APD.

The two women were passed out drunk. Later, when interviewed by police, one of the victims said they had met Hurley near Bean’s Café, then went together to the liquor store at 13th and Gambell to buy two bottles of liquor they took to the park strip to drink. She recalled Hurley’s unwanted advances as the liquor took effect, then said she woke to find him raping her. The other victim, according to the police report, was so heavily intoxicated that the SART nurses requested she be taken to the emergency room.

The APD Special Victims Unit detective assigned to the case also attempted to interview Hurley, who was adamant he had done nothing wrong.

“Other than yelling about SB-91 and saying that we needed to release him, Fred did not make any statements about what occurred at 9th and E Street,” wrote Detective Chris Thomas.

Hurley is facing six felony rape charges and is being held on $100,000 bail.

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