Egegik man arrested on burglary and theft charges

Nov 30, 2017

Joseph Baehm, 21, charged after two houses were broken into and half a dozen firearms stolen Saturday. According to AST, Baehm confessed to the crimes but said he was so drunk he doesn't really remember it.

Joseph M. Baehm, 21, from Egegik was arrested Wednesday.
Credit BBBPD

A break-in and burglary in Egegik was solved pretty quick after a young man fessed up to the crimes committed while he said he was very drunk last Saturday.

Joey Baehm, 21, is facing 10 charges, including two Class B felonies, for allegedly breaking into two houses and making off with half a dozen firearms, a backpack, a little cash, and a sword.

The crimes were called into troopers Monday, two days after they occurred.

Witnesses told King Salmon-based state troopers that they suspected Baehm or his brother were involved, as both had been noticed as drunk Saturday, and two hats found at or near the scene were known to belong to Joey Baehm. One resident even helped provide troopers with photos from social media showing the defendant wearing the hats that were recovered.

On Tuesday, Alaska state trooper Jesse Lopez called Egegik city manager Bill Yost to say he would be down the next day to investigate. A half hour later, Lopez wrote in his report, Yost called back to say Baehm had just come to his office and tearfully confessed.

Lopez flew to Egegik Wednesday and received the same confession from Baehm, who turned over all of the stolen goods. According to his Lopez's report, Baehm claimed to have been so drunk Saturday that he said he did not recall his own actions, but did remember waking up to find all the guns in his possession Sunday morning.

In addition to theft and burglary charges, Baehm is accused of breaking two windows and smashing some household items, including a small television.

He was arraigned Thursday morning in Naknek. or 907-842-5281